About us

Seno Aesthetic Dentistry

We are proud to provide a wide range of high quality dental treatments to our patients.

Our aim is to offer comprehensive dentistry of the very highest quality. We use the most modern and advanced methods in order to prevent and cure dental and periodontal diseases as well as to provide aesthetic dentistry services.

Our team is there to make sure each of our patients enjoys a stunning and healthy smile.



Magdalena Uchto

dental surgeon

Dobromir Korzewski

dentist (endodontics, preventive dentistry)

Małgorzata Głuc-Kajda

dentist, owner (endodontics, prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry)

Asystentki stomatologiczne:

Anna Zgrzebna

dental nurse

Anna Hryczanik

dental hygienist

Wirginia Marcinkiewicz

dental nurse

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