Price list

Consultation + examination
Small periapical x-ray 30 PLN (digital)
Panoramic radiograph 70 PLN (digital pantomographic)
First microscope examination 0
Short consultation 50 PLN
Specialist’s consultation from 100 PLN
Pre-treatment anaesthesia 30 PLN
Computer anaesthesia 40 PLN
Restorative treatment
(anaesthesia not included)
Milk tooth filling 100-120 PLN
Permanent tooth filling 150 -250 PLN
Composite tooth restoration 300-350 PLN
Temporary filling (during the treatment) – the price depends on the scope and materials used 50-150 PLN
Preventative treatment
Scaling from 120 PLN
Sandblasting from 140 PLN
Fluoride application from 100PLN
Dental plaque and calculus (scaling + sandblasting + fluoride application) 250-300PLN
Fissure sealants per tooth 60 PLN
Only microscope treatment, the prices do not include post treatment filling
Canal treatment (primary) – one canal incisor from 400 PLN
Canal treatment (primary) – one or two canal premolar from 600 PLN
Canal treatment (primary) – one, two or three canal molar from 800 PLN
Each additional canal + 100 PLN
Reendo – repeated canal treatment + 100 PLN (per each canal)
Closure of perforation small/big – additional treatment 200-250 PLN
Extraction of a broken tool – additional treatment (per a tool from one canal) 200-250 PLN
Dental Surgery
(the prices do not include necessary x-rays)
A tooth extraction (including anaesthesia) 130-280 PLN
Third molar extraction (including anaesthesia and stiches) 250-600 PLN
Post-surgery dressing (a separate visit) 100 PLN
Root-end resection from 500 PLN
Frenectomy 180 PLN
Single implant 3000PLN (each subsequent one 2600)
Over 3 implants individual pricing
Biomaterials individual pricing
Surgical implant uncovering 200 PLN
Individual healing screw w zależności od systemu 100-200 PL
Implant crowns from 1500 PLN
Temporary crowns wg cennika standardowego
(Prices per one piece including the adjustment)
Ceramic veneers from 1200 PLN
Veneers, onlay, inlay, overlay from 900 PLN
Ceramic crown on a metal substructure 700 PLN
Ceramic crown on a zirconium from 1300 PLN
Crown on an implant from 1500 PLN
Temporary crown 50-250 PLN (depending on the material and technique)
Glass-fibre post – strengthening tooth structure from 350 PLN
Steel root – canal post from 400 PLN
Zirconium root – canal post 1000 PLN
STANDARD root – canal post in a postponed treatment 150PLN
Fixing the crown made in Seno included in the price of the crown
Re-fixing a crown 100 PLN
Fixing a crown made outside Seno 150 PLN
Acrylic part dentures (up to 4 teeth) from 500 PLN
Acrylic complete dentures from 700-800 PLN
Acetal dentures from 1500 PLN
Skeletal dentures from 1500 PLN
Additional elements for the skeletal dentures individual pricing from 500-600 PLN
Whitening treatments
ZOOM – whitening 1200 PLN (home kit included)
Trays 800 PLN
In-office whitening treatment 800 PLN

Prices do not constitute an offer by art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code, only given to the information purpose. The prices might be subject to change.